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  • Bob the Builder™ Mash & Mold Muck

Bob the Builder™ Mash & Mold Muck

Age 3 Years and Up
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    Children can use plenty of creativity as they build, mold and demolish with Mash & Mold Playsand — a unique, shapeable material that can be molded using this Bob the Builder™ Muck toy truck.

    Every construction job requires the right tools and supplies, which is why Bob the Builder™ has the ultimate building material — Mash & Mold Playsand! Mash & Mold Playsand from Fisher-Price is shapeable, moldable and — when you're ready to demolish instead of build — totally mashable! Mold, build and destroy with this spectacular sand-like substance that never dries out and doesn't leave a mess. Mash & Mold Playsand is even more fun with a molding machine like Muck, who features a cool extruder and over five molds in unique places like his treads, front bucket, roof, and the sides of his open-box bed. He also comes with 4 ounces (113.4 grams) of Mash & Mold Playsand, so kids can use their imaginations to craft sand creations with a little help from Muck. Now children can be part of Bob's crew as they help build and demolish using Mash & Mold Playsand by Fisher-Price.


    • Includes Muck toy truck and 4 ounces (113.4 grams) of Mash & Mold Playsand with storage container
    • Mash & Mold Playsand can be shaped and molded by hand or using included Muck molds
    • Muck has an extruder beneath his open-box bed and over 5 other molds
    • Pack the Mash & Mold Playsand into Muck’s molds to craft cool sand creations
    • Mash & Mold Playsand container also has unique sand stamps

    SKU #: DMM53