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Disney Baby
Crawl-After Ball

Age 3-36 Months
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  • Product Features

    How do you encourage Baby to start crawling?

    You let Baby have a ball chasing and crawling after this exciting toy! Nemo “swims” as the ball moves along, while the beads inside roll around and rattle. All the movement and sounds catch your little one’s attention, getting Baby to move, too! By getting the ball to roll, your child is also learning about cause and effect. And the bright colors and beads help stimulate Baby’s senses!

    • Nemo “swims” as the ball rolls, encouraging Baby to crawl and chase along
    • Beads inside the ball roll around and rattle for even more stimulation
    • Helps develop gross motor skills, introduces cause and effect, and more!

    SKU #: BFH71