Peek-a-Blocks™ IncrediBlock™

Age 9 Months and Up
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    IncrediBlock is Fisher-Price’s great BIG block of fascinating discoveries, with music, motion, lights, and five sides of busy play! Plus, eight special Peek-a-Blocks™!

    5 sides of busy play!

    1. Spin & Learn: The IncrediBlock top is where the action is — and the learning! Place any of the eight special Peek-a-Blocks™ in the center to bring the IncrediBlock to life. Hear words, sounds and songs to discover what’s inside each Peek-a-Block! Lots of other activities for baby to bat, flip, tap and spin, too.

    2. Plug & Play: IncrediBlock’s bright, bold patterns, charming images and a shiny mirror are sure to stimulate baby’s senses!

    3. Sort & Store: The simple action of placing Peek-a-Blocks through the holes of the IncrediBlock and watching them disappear is sure to entertain and enlighten your curious baby! Big drawer can hold up to 30 Peek-a-Blocks.

    4. Drop & Tumble: With distinctive sounds and fun movement, each Peek-a-Block offers new surprises while tumbling down the IncrediBlock. Baby will love dropping them in over and over, anticipating that something fun is going to happen!

    5. Stack & Spill: Baby will love learning to stack blocks in, one after another. Watch fine motor skills steadily improve as she uses the IncrediBlock, along with eye-hand coordination, as blocks are grasped and stacked.

    • Requires 3 C batteries, not included
    • Developing Motor Skills

      • Encourages development of balance & gross motor skills as baby learns to stand & cruise around block.
      • Grasping & stacking blocks enhances fine motor skills.
      • Sorting blocks & placing them into activity sides encourages eye-hand coordination.

      Stimulating the Senses

      • See-through blocks with bright colors & movement stimulate visual development.
      • Grasping & feeling textured surfaces enhances sense of touch.

      Encouraging Cognitive Abilities

      • Helps baby understand spatial concepts like in/out, up/down.
      • Fosters problem-solving skills as baby figures out how to stack & build.
      • Offers progressive challenges, from simple activities to more complex stacking & sorting.
    • The packaging and instructions for this product indicate that batteries are included. This toy requires 3 C batteries which are not included. We apologize for this misprint.
    • Approx. 16" L x 16" W x 15" H.
    SKU #: C5523
    • Sorry, due to its large size this item cannot be gift wrapped.