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Emergency Rescue Set

Age 2-6 Years
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    It’s a 9-1-1, and little rescuers are ready to respond! But first, they have to choose what they want to be — a Firefighter, Police Officer or Air Rescuer — by dialing it up on the handset and rotating the dial on the badge to match their choice. Now, they simply hook the handset to their belts, clip the microphone to their collars, attach their badge — and they’re on their way to save the day!

    Preschoolers will love how realistic this set is and how fun it is to imitate the heroes they see and admire every day. And with just a turn of the dial, they can change the imaginative play and go save the day in a whole different way!


    • Turn the knob on the handset to dial up the rescue of the moment — Fire, Police or Air Rescue
    • Knob clicks as it turns
    • Rotate the dial on the badge to match the chosen emergency professional
    • Includes handset, microphone and badge, all of which clip onto clothing
    • Features breakaway cord for added safety

    SKU #: BMG50