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Growing Baby® Musical Xylo Fish

Age 12 Months and Up
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  • Product Features

    Babies love music and rhythms that encourage moving.

    The Musical Xylo Fish lets them make their own sounds to move and groove to! Rocking the fish and tapping the keys help baby understand cause and effect. Fun music and sounds stimulate auditory skills. And gross motor skills develop as baby grasps and taps the starfish mallet.

    Develop & Learn:

    Responds to baby’s touch
    • Rocking the fish & tapping the keys help baby understand cause & effect
    Musical friend
    • Invites baby to make music, stimulating auditory skills
    Easy-to-grasp mallet
    • Just right for baby to hold & tap, enhancing gross motor development

    • Cause & effect
    • Auditory skills
    • Gross motor skills

    This product is sold exclusively at Walmart.

    SKU #: W3117