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Silly Speedsters™ Friendly Raceway™

Age 6 Months and Up
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  • Product Features

    Ready, set, roll! Fun sounds, music and exciting racin’ ramp action reward baby for sending the Friendly Racers™ car zooming down the ramp… with busy activities for little hands around the raceway, too!


    • Monkey spins when car zooms down the ramp, activating music and fun sounds
    • Flag spins as car races through finish line
    • Includes Silly Speedsters™ vehicles to send racing down the ramp, or to push, roll and crawl along
    • Bat-at rollerball gas pump with rattle bead sounds
    • Clacker bead tires
    • Encourages motor skills!
    • Bright colors, fun sounds and music help stimulate baby’s senses
    • Requires 2 AA batteries

    SKU #: BLT40
    • Gross MotorBaby can send the car racing down the ramp, push it and crawl along, or sit & explore hands-on activities!
    • SensoryFun sound effects & music, bright colors, and clicking, clacking, rattling sounds help stimulate baby’s senses!
    • Curiousity and DiscoverySurprise! Sending the car down the ramp sets the silly monkey in motion—with fun sound effects & musical rewards! Flag spins as car races through the finish line!