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Little People

Little People® Big Animal Zoo

Age 1-5 Years
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  • Product Features

    Toddlers’ imaginations will run wild at this discovery zoo.

    How do you zoo? Welcome to the Fisher-Price® Little People® Big Animal Zoo! Curious kids can move the BIG elephant’s legs, ears and head - just like the real thing. Pressing down on the mouse (he makes his home on the elephant’s back!), tipping the elephant’s head or pulling his tail will all activate music or silly sounds. And if the Zookeeper is too slow bringing the food, the sneaky elephant can tip the platform and his food will roll right into his feeding bin.

    Way up in the tree top there’s a teeter-totter for the monkey to rock back and forth — and a real working swing. Best of all, little animal lovers can use the hose, measuring stick, scale and eye chart to help the Zookeeper and Mia® clean, measure, weigh and care for the animals.


    • Interactive BIG elephant features articulated movement and 3 activation points for music & silly sounds
    • Oo-oo-whee! Rock monkey back & forth on the teeter-totter tree top
    • Tip the platform to send food rolling into the feeding bin
    • Is the zookeeper in? Use the attached tools to clean, measure, weigh — and even check the animals’ eyesight
    • Includes zoo playset, Zookeeper, Mia®, Big elephant, and classic scale monkey figure, 2 food pieces & fence connector

    • Requires 2 AA batteries

    SKU #: CHF55
  • Development Benefits

    • Curiosity_Discovery

      Explore and discover all the things you can do, such as moving the big elephant's legs, ears and head; or pressing on the mouse to activate sounds; or rolling the food to the feeding bin; or swinging the money on the tree swing or teeter-totter.
    • Imagination_Curiosity

      Pretending to feed and care for the animals helps develop imagination.
    • Fine_Motor

      Develop fine motor skills as you wash the elephant with the hose, pull its head or tail to activate sounds, measure the animals, and place the hay ball on the ramp.
    • Due to its large size this item cannot be gift-wrapped.