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Disney Baby Minnie Mouse 2-in-1 Push Car

Age 6 Months and Up
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  • Product Features

    Get ready for lots of wiggles and giggles — from Baby, and from Minnie Mouse, too! Minnie’s 2-in-1 Push Car plays a sweet tune as it’s rolled along. Minnie wiggles and giggles in the driver’s seat! The removable handle gives Baby two different “grow-with-me” ways to play. Without the handle, Baby can push the car & crawl along. When Baby’s ready to cruise, the handle easily attaches so Baby can stand & walk! Either way, fun sounds, music and wobbly action encourage and reward Baby for pushing the car along.


    • Removable handle for two “grow-with-me” ways to play:
      • Push & crawl
      • Stand & Walk
    • Minnie wobbles back and forth as the car is pushed along
    • Sweet music plays
    • Handle is easy to attach & remove
    • Helps develop gross motor skills, balance & coordination, and more!

    • Requires 2 AA batteries
    • Thinking & Problem Solving
      Baby’s actions make things happen — introducing Baby to cause & effect! Music plays as Baby pushes the car along; Minnie wobbles back & forth in the driver’s seat.

      Gross Motor
      Pushing Minnie’s car along for fun sound and action rewards encourages Baby to sit & crawl, and stand & walk!

      Balance & Coordination
      Sitting, crawling or walking while pushing the car along also helps Baby develop balance & coordination!
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