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Stretchy Grilled Cheese

Age 2-6 Years
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    Say cheese! Pretend play is full of smiles as kids make their own grilled cheese sandwich with “magic” cheese that actually stretches as the bread is pulled apart. One side of the sandwich is white; the other is “toasted.” Your little chef simply flips the sandwich to “grill” it, then pulls it apart to watch the “melted” cheese stretch and snap! Just add the carton of milk and it’s lunch time anytime!


    • Flip the sandwich to change it from white to “grilled”
    • Pull the sandwich apart to watch the “melted” cheese magically stretch and snap back
    • Sandwich splits in two to share with a lunch buddy!
    • Includes sandwich with “magic” stretchy cheese, serving plate and milk carton

    SKU #: BFV08