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Bright Beats 3-in-1 Bright Pods

Age 3 Months and Up
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  • Product Features

    For even the youngest babies, these two Pods provide tummy-time fun with glowing lights and basic musical tones that help stimulate senses. Sitting babies can bat each pod to hear music and layer on the beat. They’ll quickly discover that the music and lights increase as they transition from mode one to modes two and three. When baby’s crawling, the lights and music encourage chase-after fun. Place the pods in different spots to entice baby to crawl back and forth between them — the lights and music “magically” transfer from pod to pod, encouraging baby to go-go-go!



    • Three ways to play that grow with baby!
      • 1: Tummy Time — Fosters core development, visual & auditory stimulation with glowing lights and basic musical tones
      • 2: Sit & Jam— Sitting babies bat each pod to hear more music and add drum beats
      • 3: Crawl & Chase — Encourages baby to crawl from one pod to another as music builds, helping to exercise gross motor skills!
    • Fun wobble action, lights, music and bat-at activity on each pod
    • Grows with baby through three stages of play
    • Helps develop fine & gross motor skills
    • Baby discovers that their actions make big things happen, introducing cause & effect
    • The bright colors, glowing lights and music help stimulate baby’s senses of sight and hearing
    • Great for playtime on the go

    SKU #: DMY02
  • Development Benefits

    • Gross Motor Skills

      Gross Motor Skills

      Strengthens gross motor skills as tummy time baby watches the lights, sitting baby reaches for and bats-at pods, crawling baby goes between the two pods.
    • Sensory Skills

      Sensory Skills

      Fun music & sounds and colorful dancing lights stimulate baby's senses.
    • Curiosity & Discovery

      Curiosity & Discovery

      Actions/reaction activities encourage curiosity and discovery as baby discovers how to activate the lights and sounds.