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Image for BLACKBEARD'S LAIR from Mattel
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Imaginext® Blackbeard's Lair

Age 3-8 Years
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    Enter the Blackbeard’s Lair playset, if ye dare! It’s filled with hidden secrets designed to keep intruders out and Blackbeard’s treasure safe. The two Power Pads bring the Jolly Roger figure to life. Push down on the center Power Pad to shoot projectiles from its eye patch. Turn the Power Pad left or right to swing its crossbones and “rattle” its anchor or cage. If Blackbeard’s enemies are still on the attack, it’s time for young swashbucklers to get serious! Turn the second Power Pad to open the Jolly Roger’s mouth to “devour” invaders and send them to the brig below, where a croc awaits.

    Now for a fast getaway. Use the trap door to drop the treasure into the boat below and row far, far away! So the question becomes: Is Blackbeard’s treasure worth walking the plank for … or an even worse fate? That’s up to little buccaneers and their imaginations to decide! Imaginext® … Turn on Adventure!™

    • I spy invaders! Push down on center Power Pad to fire projectiles from the eye patch
    • Turn Power Pad right to swing anchor… turn it left to swing cage!
    • Gotcha! Turn second Power Pad to open mouth to trap invaders — and send them to brig
    • Open trap door to drop treasure into the boat below
    • Pull-out plank on side of playset
    • Includes Blackbeard’s Lair playset, Blackbeard figure, sword, crocodile, movable cannon, 4 projectiles, movable spyglass, boat, removable cage and treasure

    SKU #: DHH62