Silly Safari Swirl 'n Surprise Elephant | DGT87 | Fisher-Price
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Image for Silly Safari Swirl 'n Surprise Elephant from Mattel

Silly Safari Swirl ‘ Surprise Elephant

Age 9 Months and Up
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  • Product Features

    A new spin on drop-through ball play with musical rewards, ramp-riding action & a surprise finish!

    Go ahead…give this fun musical toy a whirl! Baby can get the ball rolling by dropping one of the 4 balls through the elephant’s trunk to hear fun tunes and watch it come swirlin’ and twirlin’ down the ramp. Or your little one can cruise around this elephant pal and drop balls anywhere on the wrap-around ramp – and chase after when the balls roll out the bottom in every direction!

    Baby will love collecting the balls and dropping them on the ramp again…and again…and again! There’s even a snail to slide and a roller bar to bat at. The Silly Safari Swirlin’ Surprise Elephant offers all-around, fine-motor activity fun and easy clean-up with corners in the sturdy base to store the balls.

    • 2 ways to play!
    • Drop balls through the elephant’s trunk to activate fun tunes & ramp-rolling action!
    • Or drop balls directly on the wrap-around ramp for whirlin’, twirlin’, swirlin’ fun!
    • Balls roll out bottom for baby to chase, collect & drop through again (and again and again!)
    • Where will the balls come out? It’s a surprise every time!
    • Slider snail & bat-at roller bar provide more hands-on activities
    • Includes 4 balls and 10 tunes
    • Sturdy base with corners to store the balls
    • Helps give motor skills a fun workout!
    • Music and action help stimulate important senses, including vision and hearing

    SKU #: DGT87