Nickelodeon Blaze And The Monster Machines Transforming Tow Truck Blaze | FHV43 | Fisher-Price
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Image for BLZ TOW TRUCK BLAZE from Mattel

Nickelodeon™ Blaze And The Monster Machines™ Transforming Tow Truck Blaze

Age 3 Years and Up
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    "Anyone need a lift? Help is on the way!" It's Transforming Tow Truck Blaze to the rescue! Transform Blaze from monster truck mode into a souped-up tow truck, just like the one seen on three different Blaze and the Monster Machines™ episodes, including "Tow Truck Tough." Hear special sounds and phrases as Blaze transforms, then press the blue light bar for lights, additional sounds and phrases from the show. Extend the rear boom arm to tow your Blaze die-cast vehicles. Your child can also place their monster trucks safely on the rear flatbed of the tow truck for easy transportation. Then lift Blaze's hood and check out the engine! With Transforming Tow Truck Blaze your child can explore the STEM principle of torque. Torque is turning strength. On the show, the more torque Tow Truck Blaze has, the harder he can pull with his tow cable! When you're ready to race back into action, transform Blaze back into a monster truck. Whether he's in monster or tow truck mode, Blaze is ready to save the day! Die-cast trucks sold separately and subject to availability. 

    • Blaze transforms from monster truck to tow truck 
    • Over 20 sounds & phrases from the show 
    • Press the blue light bar for lights, additional sounds & phrases 
    • Open the hood to check out the engine 
    • Extend the hook & tow your die-cast monster trucks 
    • Explore the STEM principal of torque 
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    SKU #: FHV43