Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space | CFM96 | Fisher-Price
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Image for SMART TOUCH PLAY SPACE from Mattel

Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space

Age 6 Months and Up
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  • Product Features

    *Winner of the Most Wanted Holiday 2015 TTPM award


    Amazing touch-sensitive Smart Touch light bar encourages & rewards baby’s development!

    This interactive, touch-sensitive light bar features innovative Smart Touch Technology that responds to baby’s touch with music, lights, colors, sung songs & much more! 3 ways to play as baby grows: Piano Play, Dance Party and Learning & Games. It’s the ultimate toy for introducing baby to colors, numbers, ABCs, music, cause & effect and much more — while helping to strengthen motor skills and stimulate baby’s senses of sight, hearing and touch!

    Busy activities, like ramps for fun ball play, a spinner and a colorful, bat-at roller ball, encourage baby to move and explore all around! This great play space will take baby from sitting to crawling to standing and cruising — providing learning and entertainment for every age, from infant to toddler!


    • Interactive touch-sensitive light bar, with exciting, innovative Smart Touch Technology, responds to baby’s touch
    • 3 ways to play as baby grows!
      • Mode 1 — Piano Play Perfect for the sitting baby as baby sits in the middle and touches the bar for piano tones, music & lights!
      • Mode 2 — Dance Party Encourages baby to get up and move with upbeat music, spoken phrases, sounds & instruments as baby cruises around and touches the bar
      • Mode 3 — Learning & Games Teaches baby ABCs, counting, numbers and more as baby looks, cruises and follows the moving lights
    • Busy activities, music, lights, colors, sung songs & much more!
    • Grows with baby from sitting and crawling to cruising
    • Teaches colors, numbers, ABCs and much more!
    • Hands-on activities include 3 colorful balls for ramp play, bat-at roller and spinner
    • Baby’s actions make things happen, introducing cause & effect
    • Helps strengthen motor skills with hands-on activities, crawl-through play, and 360 degree play that encourages baby to cruise around
    • Fun music & sounds and colorful dancing lights help stimulate baby’s senses

    SKU #: CFM96
  • Development Benefits

    • Sensory Skills

      Sensory Skills

      Fun music & sounds, colorful dancing lights, and different textures stimulate baby's senses.