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Disney Minnie Mouse – Stencil N' Style Minnie Doll

Ages: 2+
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    What if your child had complete freedom to design Disney Junior Minnie Mouse's perfect outfit? With Stencil N' Style™ Minnie, now your child can! Have your child snap on the dress and bow stencils to the 10-inch (25,4cm) Minnie doll. Then have your child press the magic light-up styling pen and shine the light onto the stencil. As your child colors in the patterns, Minnie's dress actually changes. Your child removes the stencils and Minnie's now wearing the design your child has created! Your child can even draw directly onto Minnie's dress and bow without the stencils, designing her own freehand patterns. Comes with three dress stencils and three bow stencils – six stencils in all. As the patterns magically fade away, your child is ready to draw again. Watch Your child's designs shine as your child creates their own magic outfits with Stencil N' Style Minnie!

    • 10-inch (25,4cm) Minnie Mouse doll
    • Kid-friendly light-up styling pen
    • Three dress stencils and three bow stencils
    • Create beautiful patterns using the special pen and stencils
    • Draw free hand to create your own designs
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    SKU #: DTT01