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Image for Imaginext® DC SUPER FRIENDS™ Robo Batcave™ from Mattel

Imaginext® DC SUPER FRIENDS™ Robo Batcave™

Age 3-8 Years
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  • Product Features

    This Batcave play set has cool gadgets for protecting Gotham City, including a robot suit with interchangeable arm pieces!

    The usual suspects are stirring up trouble in Gotham City. To the Robo Batcave, Batman™! Turn the 1st Power Pad to open the gate, raise the Bat-shaped head and reveal the Batbot. (The Batman™ figure fits inside!) Turn the 2nd Power Pad on the bottom of the play set to move the Batbot forward and march him into any crime-fighting adventure young wannabe DC Super Heroes can think up!

    In an all-out battle with Gotham City villains? Just turn the 3rd Power Pad to swing the Batbot’s arm that can be fitted with a claw, jaws of life or Gatling gun accessory. And if the Robo Batcave comes under attack, push the button to fire the projectile launcher or throw captured villains in jail. There’s no end to the adventures when kids use their greatest super power – imagination!

    • Turn 1st Power Pad to open the Robo Batcave play set and reveal the Batbot
    • Turn 2nd Power Pad to move Batbot forward and release it from the play set
    • Turn 3rd Power Pad to swing the Batbot’s arm
    • Fit any of 3 interchangeable accessories on the Batbot’s arm: claw, jaws of life, or Gatling gun
    • Place Batman™ figure in Batbot suit to lead the battle!
    • Robo Batcave play set also features projectile launcher and jail cell
    • Includes Robo Batcave, Batbot, Batman™ figure & 2 projectiles

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    SKU #: DHT63