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Image for Imaginext® Deep Sea Mission Command Boat from Mattel

Imaginext® Deep Sea Mission Command Boat

Age 3-8 Years
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  • Product Features

    Your mission (if you decide to accept it)…defend this awesome toy boat and defeat the giant squid! Aye, aye captain!

    This toy ship is loaded with everything kids need to get their imaginations moving full speed ahead into exciting deep-sea rescue adventures! It features 3 Power Pads to bring the action to life. Turn the 1st Power Pad to the right to open the hull and reveal the ocean rescue lab – or turn it to the left to drop barrels onto menacing sea creatures! Turn the 2nd Power Pad to rotate the boat’s crane – and use the lever to load or unload cargo. Look out…a giant squid is about to attack! Turn the 3rd Power Pad to aim the projectile launcher – and pull back the lever to fire!

    Need more help? Send the mini-sub with projectile launchers to capture the squid and bring it on deck for observation! And when the mission’s complete, everything stores on board until the next attack by a giant squid – or other scary creature like big brother!

    • Turn 1st Power Pad to right for an awesome transformation – hull opens and a whole ocean rescue lab is revealed!
    • Turn 1st Power to left to drop barrels from back
    • Turn 2nd Power Pad to rotate crane – and press lever to load cargo with crane’s hook
    • Turn 3rd Power Pad to aim projectile launcher – and pull back on lever to fire!
    • Remove mini-sub from hull for deep-sea rescues and added fire power
    • Includes Deep Sea Mission Command Boat, 2 figures with dive armor, mini-sub, 4 projectiles, 3 barrels & giant squid with mouth that opens & closes
    • Easy clean-up - everything stores on boat to make captain mom & dad happy!

    SKU #: DFX93