Imaginext Deep Sea Sub | DFY00 | Fisher-Price
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Image for Imaginext® Deep Sea Sub from Mattel

Imaginext® Deep Sea Sub

Age 3-8 Years
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  • Product Features

    Shark attack! With pop-out claw and projectile launchers, this toy sub can handle any deep-sea danger (or sibling threat) kids can imagine!

    Kids can dive deep…deep…deep into their imaginations to create awesome adventures for this toy submarine! Turn the Power Pad to the right to make a claw pop out from the back. Or turn it to the left to open the canopy and place the deep-sea diver figure in the cockpit. Look out…there’s a shark circling! Push button to fire projectiles from the removable fins below the toy sub. Whew, that was close! Will that wily shark get you next time? Only little captains know for sure! Imaginext®…Turn on Adventure!™

    • Turn Power Pad to right to pop out back claw
    • Turn Power Pad to left to open canopy and put figure in cockpit
    • Push button to fire projectiles from removable fins
    • Includes Deep Sea Sub, shark, diver figure with scuba armor and 4 projectiles

    SKU #: DFY00