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Laugh & Learn® Learn To Dress Puppy

Age 18-36 Months
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    Puppy is the perfect little pal for toddlers who are learning to do big things, like tie their shoes, fasten buckles and button up shirts! This plush buddy is loaded with activities to help your child get ready for the day. Your little one can fasten & unfasten Puppy's buckle, open & close his shoe strap, tie his shoelace, and button or unbutton his pocket. And pressing Puppy's belly activates fun songs, sounds and phrases that teach about body parts, daily routines, shapes and colors – and make getting dressed a lot more fun! Where early academics come into play Body Parts – Fun songs introduce little ones to different parts of the body and what to wear on their arms, legs & toes! "Your hands have fingers & your arms have elbows." Routines – Playful songs & phrases help teach toddlers how to get ready for the day and prompt them to get Puppy dressed to go outside and play! "Pull my strap tight so my shoe won't fall off!" Colors & Clothing – Through more fun songs & phrases, little ones learn about different types of clothing and some of Puppy's favorite colors to wear! "There's a red shoe on my left foot…"

    • Press my belly! Soft, plush Puppy offers 30+ playful songs, sounds and encouraging phrases that help toddlers get ready for the day!
    • Buckle up! Fasten & unfasten his buckle
    • Strap 'em tight! Tie his shoelace or close his shoe strap
    • Button me! Button or unbutton his pocket
    • Puppy also introduces body parts, shape, daily routines and colors

    SKU #: DRF63