Spout & Spell Whale |GFJ38 |Fisher-Price
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Image for FP TNL SPELLING GAME from Mattel

Spout & Spell Whale

Ages: 3 - 6Y
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  • Product Features

    Preschoolers will have a whale of a good time with the Spout & Spell Whale™. This letter-launching sea friend helps kids practice their spelling skills through fast-paced, matching play. Just roll the dice, press the launcher to release letters, and start matching. The first player to collect 3 completed word cards wins the game!

    Where development comes into play™

    Letter Recognition & Spelling: As kids recognize and match the letters to the word on their cards, they're practicing those important letter identification and spelling skills they'll need for kindergarten!

    Reading: Seeing the picture paired with the word on the cards helps kids develop early reading skills, making that important connection between written words and their meaning.

    • ​Letter-matching & spelling fun for preschoolers ages 3-6 years
    • ​56 word cards guide the play, with 63 letters for spelling
    • ​Roll the die, press the lever to launch letters one by one, then match letters to your word cards
    • ​First player to complete 3 word cards wins the game
    • ​Ideal for 2 players
    SKU #: GFJ38