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Image for JONATHAN ADLER MOBILE from Mattel

Projection Mobile

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  • Product Features

    A modern design, chic toys and soothing music, sounds & projection create a serene environment for baby.

    Baby (and you) will be delighted by this fresh and stylish projection mobile, designed in partnership with Jonathan Adler. ​Soft music or sounds, three plush pals gently spinning overhead, an enchanting scene projected onto the mobile canopy and a soft glowing amber light are the perfect calming combo for your newborn’s bedtime or naptime. And don’t worry about disturbing baby to turn the mobile on or off—that’s what the remote is for. (You’re welcome!)

    As your little one gets older, remove the mobile to project the sweet scene onto the ceiling so the soothing can continue and you can maintain that hard-won sleep routine.This 2-in-1 mobile is truly a dream-come-true for new moms and dads!

    Where development comes into play™

    Sensory Bright colors, music and sounds help engage important senses like sight and hearing.

    Security & Happiness Motion, lights and sounds become part of baby’s sleep routine, providing calming comfort.

    • 2-in-1 full color projection grows with baby!
      ▪ Motorized crib mobile – Sweet scene is projected onto the mobile canopy to make it easier for teeny-tiny ones to see.
      ▪ Projection soother – As your baby grows, remove the mobile to project the scene onto the ceiling
    • 3 plush animal pals with high-contrast B&W bellies gently rotate overhead—perfect for eye-tracking!
    • Up to 30 minutes of calming music, sounds or white noise
    • Softly glowing amber night light
    • Shhh! Remote control starts or stops the mobile without disturbing baby
    • Motorized mobile, projection and night light slow to a stop after 15 minutes, while soothing music continues to play for 30 minutes, reducing visual stimulation as baby drifts off to sleep.

    SKU #: DMK17
  • Development Benefits

    • Sensory Skills

      Sensory Skills

      Bright colors, music and sounds help engage important senses like sight and hearing.