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Image for GUP-W REEF RESCUE PLAYSET from Mattel
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Octonauts™ GUP-W Reef Rescue Playset

Age 3 Years and Up
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    Sound the Octo-Alert! Peso is taking the massive GUP-W down to the coral reef for another exciting rescue mission!

    The GUP-W is a mobile emergency medical center! Inspired by the whale shark, the GUP-W is specially designed to help treat the world’s endangered coral reefs and their inhabitants. Peso is on another mission to rescue creatures in the coral reef. Kids can open the head of the GUP to access a 2nd level rescue area, and then open the mouth to create a ramp that can also function as a launch bay for the GUP-P (sold separately). Octo-cadets can help Peso rescue the injured creatures by using the rescue net to bring the creatures into the GUP-W and placing them in the rescue tank. The clear side doors fold open and up to give Octo-cadets a clear view and full access to the medical bay. When the creature is fully recovered, kids can press down on the big fin to see a bandage appear with light! The GUP-W also features a secret door in the tail area that opens to reveal an engine room. The GUP-W comes with Peso, a removeable light-up rescue tank, three creatures with bandages that appear under the light, and two rescue tools (light-up tank only works with included creatures). The GUP-W measures approximately 15 in (38 cm) long and 10 in (25 cm) wide.

    • Large-scale GUP-W vehicle unfolds to a medical station with two levels of play!
    • Includes Peso figure, rescue net and bubble filter
    • Includes 3 creatures: leatherback sea turtle, hammerhead shark and electric torpedo ray.
    • Removable light up rescue tank reveals bandage on creature (this feature only works with included creatures).
    • The GUP-W measures approximately 15 in (38 cm) long and 10 in (25 cm) wide.
    • OCTONAUTS™ OCTOPOD™ Meomi Design Inc. OCTONAUTS Copyright ©2018 Vampire Squid Productions Ltd, a member of the Silvergate Media group of companies. All rights reserved.
    SKU #: FNX37