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Image for PRINCESS from Mattel

Blonkers™ Princess - Funny Eye Glasses

Age 4 Years and Up
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  • Product Features

    These silly spectacles feature fake eyes that open and close when you talk, sing, yawn – pretty much any time you move your mouth, Blonkers™ moves with it! Open your mouth to make the eyes shut, then close your mouth to make them open! Blonkers™ also feature a drawstring to pull on if you want to make even wackier faces (one eye half-closed, one open etc). Great on their own, but even better when paired with hilarious, interchangeable headers featuring beloved characters such as the poop emoji, princess, old man with his mind-blown, unicorn and dino! Blonkers™ also include a hole in each eye so you can watch as you make your friends crack up!

    • Includes 1 pair of glasses and 1 interchangeable header. For kids and adults!
    • Open mouth to make the eyes close, close mouth to make the eyes shut.
    • Pull on the string to make a wacky face!
    • Additional Blonkers and headers sold separately and subject to availabilty. 
    • Show off your best Blonkers look with #Blonkers
    SKU #: FWJ86