Shimmer and Shine Genie Disguise Leah Doll | DRC92 | Fisher-Price
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Image for SHIMMER & SHINE GENIE LEAH from Mattel

Shimmer and Shine™ Genie Disguise Leah

Age 3 Years and Up
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  • Product Features

    This lovely Leah doll is dressed in her genie disguise, which she wears when she visits Shimmer and Shine in their magical world! Dressed in a pink satin genie outfit and golden shoes, Leah will have no problem fitting in with the other genies in Zahramay Falls! Leah is approximately 15.2cm (6 in) and comes with Genie Gem stickers and a bottle-shaped hair comb.

    • When Leah visits Shimmer and Shine in their magical world, she dresses like a genie too!
    • Leah features soft hair and comes with a hairbrush in the shape of a genie bottle
    • Includes special Genie Gem stickers

    SKU #: DRC92