Shimmer and Shine Teenie Genies Genie Beach Playset | DTK57 | Fisher-Price
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Image for S&S TEENIE GENIE BEACH PL from Mattel

Shimmer and Shine™ Teenie Genies™ Genie Beach Playset

Age 3 Years and Up
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  • Product Features

    Shimmer and Shine, beach day divine! Little ones can pretend to join Shine and Nahal for a day of play at Genie Beach! Shine can catch a wave as Nahal playfully peeks out from his palm tree perch. Shine can also sit on the magic carpet swing, relax on the beach chair or float down the spiraling pillow slide!

    The playset comes with two exclusive figures (Genie Splash Shine and Genie Splash Nahal) and it features lots of display pegs for even more Teenie Genies! With over 130 genies to collect, the magic of Zahramay Falls is just one wish away! Each sold separately and subject to availability.

    • Welcome to Zahramay Falls, a magical world where genies live, work and play! These cute, collectible mini figures put Shimmer, Shine and all their friends right in the palm of your little genie's hand.
    • Surfs up! Kids can help Shine ride a genie-rific wave!
    • Nahal can peek out from the palm tree!
    • The Teenie Genies can relax on the lounge chair or the magic carpet swing!
    • Little ones can take Shine and Nahal on a spinning, spiraling pillow ride!
    • Includes exclusive Teenie Genies, Genie Splash Shine and Genie Splash Nahal, but can be used with many more!
    • There are over 130 Teenie Genies to collect in lots of fun themes, like Dance Party™, Music Divine, Dreamy Genies, Genie Splash, Magical Market and more!
    • Also look for "floating" Teenie Genies—these extra-special genies are posed on their hair making them appear as if they're floating in mid-air, and they work with the Floating Genie Palace Playset! Each sold separately and subject to availability

    SKU #: DTK57