Grow to Pro Triple Hit Baseball Set | DTM20 | Fisher-Price
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Grow to Pro® Triple Hit Baseball

Age 3 Years and Up
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  • Product Features

    This baseball set is a triple threat for helping kids learn how to swing like a pro! Beginners hit from the tee. When they’re ready for a little more of a challenge, a simple adjustment converts this battery-powered trainer to pop-up pitch. Balls automatically pop-up from the base, one after another, which is perfect for rookies! For “pros,” the trainer automatically pitches three balls from up to 10 feet away! Learning to swing with Grow to Pro® Triple HitTM Baseball is so fun and easy, it’s a real grand slam!

    • Three ways to play:1. Beginners hit from the tee2. Rookies use pop-up pitch, with balls popping up automatically one after another3. “Pros” get three balls automatically pitched to them from up to 10 feet away
    • Makes learning to hit the ball fun and easy
    • Includes battery-powered trainer, bat & three balls

    SKU #: DTM20