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Sproutling Wearable Baby Monitor

Age Birth to 24 Months
  • Product Features

    Meet the Sproutling® Wearable Baby Monitor from Fisher-Price
    You left the hospital with the most precious thing in the entire world, your new baby. Everything is beautiful and life is perfect.  Then you realize that sleep is never happening again. You’re wiping things you never thought you’d wipe. Your life now revolves around your new baby and you can’t find time to do anything, like take a shower. Don’t worry, you’re a new parent and that is completely normal. The Sproutling® Wearable Baby Monitor is here to help. With Sproutling® and Fisher-Price by your side, you can confidently say, “I got this.”

    • The smart baby monitor dedicated to sleep
    • Provides real-time information on your baby’s sleep to give you peace of mind
    • Includes a free preview of wake up predictions, a feature currently in development to help you understand when your baby is likely to wake up
    • Tells you if your baby is asleep or awake without disturbing them
    • App alerts you if your baby rolls over while sleeping
    • Delivers a custom sleep report from each night and nap
    • Uses your baby’s heart rate, motion, and position to learn about your baby’s unique sleep patterns
    • Smart Charger functions as multiple devices in one: nightlight, sound machine, and charges the band
    • The wearable sensor, Smart Charger, and Fisher-Price® Sproutling® Mobile app work together seamlessly
    • Fisher-Price® Sproutling® Mobile App available on the App Store® and Google Play™ for free
    • Includes wearable sensor, Smart Charger, 2 bands (small and medium), power cord and plug

    Individual results may vary.  Sproutling® may not work on all babies. Sproutling® Wearable Baby Monitor is intended to give you peace of mind by helping you understand your baby’s sleep. It isn’t a medical device, and it can’t diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Consult a physician if you have concerns about your baby’s health and for other medical advice, and always adhere to safe sleep recommendations.

    SKU #: FNF59

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Taking the Guesswork Out of Sleep

Picture a day in your life with Sproutling®

  • 6:11 a.m. How did he sleep?
    Sproutling® knows

    A visual report shows how your baby slept. Uh-oh, he’s having trouble falling asleep when you put him down? The app delivers expert sleep advice. The more your baby wears the Sensor while sleeping, the more Sproutling® learns.

  • 11:00 a.m. Consult your
    crystal ball

    Ah, naptime … do you have time to shower or will your baby wake up as soon as you turn on the water? Sproutling® includes a free preview of wake predictions, a feature currently in development to help you understand when your baby is likely to wake up, so you can better plan your days.

  • 7:37 p.m. Cheers to
    grown-ups’ time!

    Wanna reconnect with your partner? We know parents keep their phones close at hand 24/7. The Sproutling® app alerts you if your baby wakes up or rolls over while sleeping. Now have fun. You earned it.

  • 1:22 a.m.Check your baby in the
    middle of the night

    You wake up and wonder how your baby is doing. Check the app to see if he’s sleeping, if his little heart is beating, and if he rolled over.

Effortless Sleep Tracking

Sproutling® automatically tracks how much your baby is sleeping and gives you a custom sleep report from each night and nap.

Real-time Insights

Sproutling® learns your baby’s individual sleep patterns by monitoring motion and heart rate. The app provides peace of mind by telling you if your baby is asleep or awake without disturbing them, and showing you a representation of their heart rate as well.

Know if Your Baby Rolls Over

Because we know that most parents today keep their mobile phones close at hand at all times, alerts such as when your baby has rolled over while sleeping are sent through to your mobile via push notifications.

Advice for getting your baby to sleep

Sproutling® suggests sleep improvement tips based on your baby’s age and stage.

Pieces & Parts

  • Wearable Sensor

  • Smart Charger

  • 2 Bands (Small and Medium)

  • Power Cord and Plug

A very Smart Charger

No fumbling for wires or connectors, just place the wearable on top of the Smart Charger to charge.

More secure than traditional monitors

Smart Charger connects to your home Wi-Fi network so it can gather info from the wearable and send it to the app. Sproutling® protects your monitor and data by using certificate-based security combined with data encryption.

Multiple devices in one

Smart Charger also functions as a softly glowing nightlight and sound machine. Choose from seven nightlight colors and 23 soothing sounds, lullabies, and white noise.

Wearable and Band

Safe, comfortable, and gentle on baby’s ankle, the Sensor monitors baby’s heart rate, sleep position, and whether they are asleep or awake. A single charge lasts 3 days. Sensor is covered in soft silicone and the washable fabric band comes in two sizes to grow with your baby from birth until about 2 years.

Download Fisher-Price® Sproutling® Mobile App

With the app on your mobile device, you can check on your baby anytime, anywhere as long as the wearable sensor is within the recommended range of the Smart Charger. Customize which alert notifications you want. Easily add and remove other Caregivers on your Sproutling® team. Fisher-Price® Sproutling® App available for download on Apple the App Store® and Google Play for free. We reserve the right to terminate digital applications after October 19, 2019.

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