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Image for Black Ranger and Mastadon from Mattel

Imaginext® Power Rangers Black Ranger and Mastadon

Age 3-8 Years
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  • Product Features

    The Mastodon Dinozord is geared up for a morphinominal Power Rangers battle!

    The Mighty Morphin Black Power Ranger and the Mastodon Dinozord are ready to protect the earth from evil forces! When it’s time to battle, just turn the Power Pad to activate the Mastodon’s head action and push a button to fire projectiles from the 2 launchers on his back.

    Young Power Rangers fans will love re-enacting battle scenes from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show and movies—or creating new adventures of their own!



    • Turn Power Pad to thrust the mastodon’s head forward and back!
    • Push button to fire projectiles!
    • Black Power Ranger fits on Dinozord’s back
    • Includes Mastodon Dinozord, Mighty Morphin Black Power Ranger figure, 2 projectile launchers & 4 projectiles
    • Add other Imaginext® Power Rangers toys for some morphinominal action-packed adventures! (Each sold separately and subject to availability.)

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